About Absolute Performance Inc (API)

With over 25 years of experience, APITuning.com is conveniently located in Yonkers, NY. It's easy to get to from within the NY Metropolitan area. Conveniently located just north of NYC, API is easy to get to and offsite tunes can be evaluated for feasibility.

Non-Competive Tune
Since API concentrates on tuning, we tune cars to their maximum capabilities. We do not hold back power to make our cars stand out because we do not build competitive cars. There have been many instances where we obtained more power tuning cars that were previously tuned by others.

Dyno Break-In
The most effective break-in is running and engine under power at a Medium-Low RPM. This technique allows an engine to be fully broken in within minutes instead of hundreds of unpredictable miles of driving. Factories break in all engines on a dyno before leaving the factory. This technique was incorporated to do away with the high call-backs due to unreliable break-in techniques used by new-car customers. The use of our engine-breaking dyno (ability to hold an engine at selected RPMs under full power) allows the same technique used by factories for a quick and reliable break-in.

Please be advised that break-in starts from the moment a freshly built engine is started, with a large percentage of the break-in occurring within minutes of the initial start. Smaller and smaller percentages of the break-in occurs with each minute of run time until, eventually the total break-in is complete, somewhere after hundreds of miles of drive time. To take advantage of the Dyno Break-In, it is important that a freshly assembled engine is started for the first time while on the dyno so that the engine can immediately be put under a heavy load at medium-low RPMs.

API can advise on any plans or work-in-progress. We can help uncover deficiencies in design that a novice as well as the seasoned builder may overlook.

Automotive Performance Dyno Tuning

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