Chip Tunes

A “canned” Chip Tune is typically an inexpensive way to squeeze out more power utilizing a stock ECU that accepts a modified Read-Only-Memory (ROM) chip when you’re doing a bolt-on, like intake or exhaust. Software is available for many popular chipped applications so that a custom dyno tune to maximize power, drivability, and fuel economy may make sense. Chip tunes allows modifications of ignition timing, fuel delivery, and other engine functions while retaining all interfaces to the vehicle, including dashboards, security, and other features interacting with the ECU.

If your vehicle supports a Chip System, API can tune it!
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Hondata S100
The S100 is a base Hondata system which offers tunability without the additional options such as datalogging, 3-step, or g-sensor. The S100 is available in a boost and non-boost version for OBDI ECUs for B/D/F/H Series, LS VTEC, and Frankenstein Hondas.

Hondata S200
The S200 system consists of an interface box which connects to a modified stock ECU for B/D/F/H Series, LS VTEC, and Frankenstein Hondas. The S200 offers a boost option which must be unlocked, datalogging and 3-step rev-limiter Included on later models or which must be unlocked on earlier models. Locked options  are enabled by entering a numeric key into HondaLogger. 

Crome is an OBD1 Honda ROM Editor which lets you edit and add extra features to your stock ECU. This gives the ability for one to run a Honda B/D/F/H series, LS-VTec, and Frankestein naturally aspirated all-motor, Turbo, or Supercharged engines.

Uberdata is a ROM editing software designed specifically for B/D/F/H Series, LS VTec, and Frankenstein Hondas ECU's

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