Standalone Tuning Systems

When you're looking for the ultimate in performance, these stock ECU replacements are what you're looking for. You can even add a stand-alone to control timing, electronic fuel injection, and other engine functions on earlier model vehicles that don't have an ECU. Stand alone's support high grade sensors. When you're making high boost power or maximizing an all-motor application with ultra-light parts, you don't want any hiccups that may cause damage or even an undesired dismantling of you engine. Standalone's can be found as plug-and-play for many popular vehicles, or can be directly wired to engine devices with a universal unit and supplied harness, typically replacing the stock wire harness.
API can set up your Standalone System for maximum performance!
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AEM Engine Management System (EMS)
AEM Engine Management System is a complete standalone ECU product that replaces your stock ECU. Plug-and-Play for (check exact model and year): Honda S2000, Civic, Prelude, Accord, Del Sol, Acura Integra, K20/K24, NSX, Mitsubishi EVO-8/9, DSM (Eclipse/Talon/Laser/Galant), 3000GT/VR4, Stealth, Lancer, Toyota Supra Turbo, MR2 Turbo, Celica All Trac Turbo, Lexus SC300/GS300, Dodge Viper, SRT-4, Nissan Skyline, Silvia, 300ZX, Maxima, 180SX, 200SX, 240SX, NX, Sentra, Altima, Infiniti G20, Mazda RX-7, Miata, WRX, Saab 92X Turbo, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, etc..

MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems are designed for performance, reliability and versatility. With advanced technology and a multitude of expansion options, available products can be configured to suit almost any application—on land, water and even in the air.

The Haltech ECU manager allows you to tune your ECU with ease while monitoring all the vital parameters of your engine on easy to read gauges and displays. Integrates management of your maps, sensor calibration files, software data-logging, on-board data-logging retrieval and device firmware in the one neat package, allowing full control of your ECU.

The Autronic total engine management with 3D maps for both fuel and ignition. Autotune features allow automated tuning of fuel maps utilizing a wide-band A/F meter and advanced features such as: boost control limit , antilag, idle control, closed loop control, flat shift, traction control, launch control, advanced rev limiter, pit speed limiter, variable cam control (including dual VANOS), configurable outputs (on/off, PWM), full compensation for altitude, advanced logging and analysis standard, and much more...

The Electromotive TEC³ represents the current in state-of-the-art fuel injection and direct ignition control integrated into one revolutionary package. The TEC³ is a PC-programmable engine control system featuring a powerful Windows-based tuning environment. Converting from carburetion to fuel injection has never been easier than with the TEC³. Whether you choose to run throttle body injection, multi-port, or individual throttle bodies, the TEC³ will provide you with the ability to tune your engine to its peak capabilities.

ViPEC produces two engine management models, the V44 and V88. Also plugin ECU based on the V44 and V88 for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota cars. All offer three dimensional mapping of fuel and ignition and are full sequential up to eight cylinder. Support for up to twelve cylinder wasted spark. Also a four channel twin capacitor CDI ignition.

Automotive Performance Dyno Tuning

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